About us

JHV Tools produce solid carbide shank cutters for working of all materials. JHV Tools has particularly specialized in producing high quality cutting tools for working wood and sheet metal, plastics, aluminium and composite materials. We use the most modern CNC grinding and measurement technology which enables us to produce distinctive milling tools for you 24 hours a day.

In addition to using the best quality carbide for the working material, we are trying to provide all tools with lifetime-enhancing coating. We are providing all the cutting data available for all tools. To determine the right tool for you and the correct cutting data, you should take into account:

  • The operation to be performed (axial and radial decrease)
  • Determining of the cutting speed depending on the working material, the selected cutter and cutting conditions
  • Determining of the rotational speed on the basis of the tool diameter and the cutting speed
  • Determing of feed per tooth (determined by the capacity of the cuts, chip clearance, wear and resulting forces
  • After that calculation of the feeding through the number of revolutions, number of teeth and feed per tooth. See the formulas below.

Please note that the calculated values are only guidelines. There are many factors that may affect these values in the practice (workpiece fixture/ tool fixture/cutting geometry, type of coating, finishing touch of the workpiece/machine power/maximum available speed, etc.)

Special tools
Besides our standard program, JHV produces also bespoke solid carbide cutters. Through delivering drawing/sketch or precise specifications of the milling or the performed work, you receive the tool for your specific needs.